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WordPress Gutenberg Editor - Resources & Posts

WordPress Gutenberg - the new editor for the WordPress post admin screen is in early beta. It is available as a plugin for those masochists who like using unfinished tools. This is a collection of resources & blog posts. You'll find instructions on how to test Gutenberg and its most recent updates


  1. Ping me on Twitter @bph if you wrote about Gutenberg, or if you know of an additional resources in English.
  2. Updated Nov 15, 2017 11:01 PM EST

  3. Sorry for the long gap on updates. After more than a year working as a distributed team I finally closed @PauliSystems office and went to a co-working space. I am still transitioning, reorganizing and catching up. Today, a new Gutenberg update was released. Is it just me or is the communication level around the new way of content creation rising? It also seem to be much more constructive in its nature. What do you think? Ping me on Twitter -- Birgit (@bph). What do you think? ping me on Twitter