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People Using Google Glass

Scouting the Internet for Google Glass user experience reports. The newest reports are on top, but if you are interested in first demo video by Google or a short Ted Video by Tom Chi about prototyping Google Glass scroll down all the way.


  1. October 4th, 2013

  2. Browsing through Glass.TV: Teaching Sabre Fencing. Glassware for Shooping. 
  3. October 2nd, 2013

  4. A #throughGlass review of the Tesla Model S by Lon Seidman. Google Glass not for sale until 2014. Google Glass as remote control. OnTraffic - #Glassware specifically developed for Google Glass by Havker @wargoth. Virtual Memorial Tours recorded for Veterans via Veterans United. Close up with #GlassExplorer Homer Gaines at Florida's only Netsquared Group, "NFN4Good 501Techclub SWFL" - Instagram video from the room and below (in poorly embed behavior) Google Glass
  5. Tesla Model S Review - Shot With Google Glass #throughglass
  6. @xirclebox giving a video demo on #googleglass
  7. Below link will show the actual video that was recorded and shared by Homer Gaines as post on the Google+ Event.
  8. September 26, 2013

  9. A few practical application put in a video by an creative agency. Updates on XE The Exporer Edition, in it's 10th iteration XE10 seems to allow third party to access to #glassexplorers. One of the apps is GlassFit. First #MeetGlass in Paris September 16. Local @netsquared 501TechClub invited #GlassExplorer to share the view #throughglass on October 1st at @nfn4good meetup. 

  10. September 5th, 2013

  11. More #throughglass and #glassexplorer Robert Scoble published about advertising future, and finally Google Glass made it to Instagram, so GlassExporers can mention it, too. Google+ still hasn't figured out how to include video into their snippet for Storify. The very uninteresting link below to Tim O'Reilly's post is actually a short video of his flight in a Fox 3 Jet Warbirds with Google Glass. Today's photo on 100DaysThroughGlass.