Shock, Sorrow After Santa Monica Shooting Spree

WARNING: Graphic content below. At least four people were killed and more were injured when a man armed with an assault rifle went on a rampage on Santa Monica city streets before police killed him on the Santa Monica College campus.

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  1. The rampage began when gunfire erupted in a Santa Monica neighborhood and a house went up in flames.
  2. Multiple rounds struck a vehicle and possibly its driver. The gunman carjacked another vehicle and forced the driver to take him to Santa Monica College.
  3. Daniel J. Berumen (@DJBerumen), whose Twitter profile says he is a research analyst for Santa Monica College, began tweeting almost as soon as the first shots rang out on campus.
  4. Students, staff and others on campus hid for hours, waiting for word that the campus was clear and it was safe to come outside. These photos came from a Santa Monica College student, Abdulaziz F Alsaeed.
  5. #smc we are in ICE staying out from the gunshots
  6. Officers geared for combat cleared campus buildings.
  7. News host Steve Chiotakis and Daniel Kraft, MD, were among those evacuated from KCRW, a public radio station with studios on the Santa Monica College campus. SWAT officers accompanied them off campus. On the way, they passed the body of the shooting suspect.
  8. After the campus was mostly secured, @DJBerumen noted a bit of irony about the incident.
  9. Santa Monica College canceled activities at its main campus through the end of the week.