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#LIVELATEJUNCTION - a snapshot of social media for a Radio 3 programme

Sometimes Late Junction, Radio 3's ecclectic late-night music show, is live. The live shows come from studio 30C in Broadcasting House (Radio 3's continuity studio - 'the con'). Last night I visited the studio to help out with social media. Here's how it went.


  1. As it got started:
  2. A big feature of last night's 90-minute show was the whole of side 1 of John Coltrane's legendary free jazz epic Ascension.
  3. There was some dissent:
  4. Which was nicely handled by another listener:
  5. And acknowledged by us:
  6. I tried to take pics throughout. Here's the production team (Twitter cut off Michael Rossi's name - must remember Instagram has a longer character limit than Twitter):
  7. And imaxreinhardt himself:
  8. I tried to provide some context for the stuff Max was playing: