Live coverage of the Bruins parade

We've created a live, minute-by-minute report about today's Bruins parade, pulling in tweets, Facebook posts, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, and more.

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  1. bruins parade, aquarium, and imax all in a day...priceless...with the woman i love <3
  2. The Championship State Boston, Ma, is celebrating with a Parade today of 1 miilion people, 1 more Championship win for the Boston Bruins. I say Championship State because from 2000-2011: New England Patriots= 3 Championships, Boston Red Sox=2 Championships, Boston Celtics=1 Championship, Boston Bruins= 1 Championship, not counting the many Championships before 2000.
  3. Bruins parade was Amazing!!
  4. I'm not just saying this because I'm a huge bruins fan but Boston went absolutely nuts..crazier than the celtics parade..lost my voice so u can try to hit me up
  5. The Parade in Boston for the Boston Bruins was really nice. The Weather was good also.
  6. Had a great time at the BRUINS PARADE with my boys front row!!!!!!!
  7. Just came back from a long day of walking in boston for the bruins parade ! Got a pic of the stanely cup! Lol now im at kellys eating sum roast beef! GO BRUINS!
  8. Bruins parade after party !!!
  9. Bruins victory parade was awesome! Now we have another 5 hours until the red sox game! (:
  10. Had an awesome experience in Boston today!! I stood in the street and celebrated as the Bruins brought the cup right past me!! Tried to get some good pictures, sorry for anybody that wasn't able to see such an amazing parade!!
  11. just got bak from the bruins parade the parade was CRAZY....... bak to boston for the sox at 7 cant wait...... possible nap ??
  12. just got back from the bruins parade it was pretty awesome!