Listeners respond to news that WFNX is being sold to ClearChannel

Listeners react to the breaking news that WFNX is being sold to the largest radio station owner in the country.

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  1. If you're a Bostonian who ever gave a rat's ass about the Boston music scene, this is very, very sad news. Back in the late 80s - 90s, before internet streaming gave me a steady access to college radio, 'FNX introduced me to a whole gamut of post-punk and shoegazer bands along with an access to local acts (especially via their amazing "Local Product" show). As far as commercial radio in the Boston area was concerned, they sucked the least (which their PA announcements happily acknowledged back then).
  2. White people of a certain age, your 90s alterna-dream is over.
  3. WFNX---Thank you for all you have taught me about my true love, (radio), and cheers to all the amazing people I had the pleasure working with and learning from at 25 Exchange St. ( too many to name ) RIP.
  4. As someone who went to college in Boston through the 90s and was just listening to them this morning, it's kinda sad to hear WFNX was just sold to Clear Channel. 
  5. WFNX Radio-- the only commercial music station I ever consider listening to, is being sold to ClearChannel. Does this mean Adam XII can no longer play Pere Ubu obscurities during freeform days? Stupid new economics of media consumption.
  6. Oh come on, seriously??!! Can we not have at least ONE independent radio station? Must all of our media come from just a few monopolies?? This is absolutely terrible news!
  7. Thank you, WFNX Radio, for not only being one of our earliest and best supporters, but also for being an excellent radio station and a keystone in many of our members' musical upbringings.
  8. . There goes the last good radio station in Boston . RIP WFNX ... you were the only one who actually gave a shit.
  9. So yeah. Just want to say a huge thank you to WFNX Radio, for first taking me on as a bratty counter-point guest on the Sandbox, then frequently on the various morning shows, and ultimately, giving this radio novice his own weekly show. Would not be where I am today without Paul Driscoll, Adam Xii, Dustin Fletcher Matthews, and a host of others. This sucks.
  10. It truly is a sad day when the last good independent radio station in town goes down. Adios WFNX thanks for everything!
  11. Best wishes to everyone let go from WFNX. That's what loyalty gets you. The job rules. The simply brutal.