Startup Riot in Seattle 2012

A startup pitch contest & one day conference on August 8th, 2012 in Seattle.


  1. Even from my interactions with @sanjay on Twitter prior to the event, I had a feeling that this was going to be a great event, and I wasn't disappointed.
  2. Jon Crawford's Morning Keynote

    After Sanjay got the day started, he turned it over to Jon to do the first keynote.
  3. Jon mentioned a Mike Tyson quote that is going around that I also love:
    Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth
  4. Morning Pitches

    The first 10 pitches started after Jon's keynote:
  5. Lunch

    The lunch break came after the first 10 pitches in the morning. Lunch wasn't provided, but instead we were encouraged to grab other attendees that we didn't know and go to one of the many nearby options (or grab something from the food truck parked outside). A rambling crew of attendees ended up at Pecos Pit BBQ, which was great (so spicy!).
  6. Mid Day Pitches

    I missed all 10 pitches in the middle of the day. I was in deep discussion with Red Russak, who calls himself a "startup concierge" and runs StartupSeattle. He's also organizing the "Geeks On a Train" trip to get people up to GrowConf in Vancouver at the end of August.

    We shared a lot of notes on the state of the startup ecosystems in Vancouver and Seattle. We've got some plans to do more around