Facebook to open temporary office in Vancouver

The news broke a couple of days ago that Facebook is apparently going to open a "temporary" office in Vancouver, hiring up to 150 people. It's unclear what "temporary" means, although most suspect that this is a way to hire employees who have trouble getting a US VISA.


  1. The Vancouver Sun article is where the news broke, with limited details. 
  2. The mention of "bootcamp" might actually refer to Facebook's new hire process.
  3. The word "temporary" is very strange. I read it as saying that they haven't decided to put a permanent office in place. Could this point to the difficult of getting US VISAs for people from Canada and elsewhere?
  4. We're looking to have the Startup Visa Canada Pilot Program in place.
  5. Igor, CEO & Co-founder of Mobify, did a great job of summarizing what the Facebook office means to the local tech community - his TL;DR is "Smart move by Facebook that will make Vancouver more competitive in the long run."
  6. Parveen says "we should do a better job with immigration reform and with being friendly to building tech businesses in Vancouver."
  7. (linking to the previous tweet that this about the broken US VISA system, not about Facebook opening here in Vancouver - we just happen to be in the right timezone and a nice place to live)