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    Hannibal Season 1 Episode 8 Fromage

    Episode Name:Fromage
    Air date:5/16/2013
    Summary: The BAU investigates a murder in which the killer exposes the victim’s vocal cords to literally play them like a cello. Meanwhile, Hannibal discovers that the killer, Tobias, murdered the victim as an attempt to gain Hannibal’s attention but then makes an attempt to take Lecter’s life. Will is driven to distraction by strange noises in his head and turns to Alana, in a romantic way, seeking peace and stability. Hannibal describes his relationship with Will to his therapist, Dr. Bedilia Du Maurier.

    Will Graham (Hugh Dancy, “The Big C”) is a gifted criminal profiler who is on the hunt for a serial killer with the FBI. Graham’s unique way of thinking gives him the astonishing ability to empathize with anyone — even psychopaths. He seems to know what makes them tick. But when the mind of the twisted killer he’s pursuing is too complicated for even Will to comprehend, he enlists the help of Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), one of the premier psychiatric minds in the country. Armed with the uncanny expertise of the brilliant doctor, Will and Hannibal (known as a serial killer only to the audience) form a brilliant partnership and it seems there’s no villain they can’t catch. If Will only knew