Workplace Food Culture — From Soup to Nuts

Bringing freshness to the subject of workplace food culture to help employees (and employers) share a more harmonious environment.


  1. My encounters with workplace food culture refused to be contained.

  2. This Storify post serves as an easy-to-read digest of a series of articles I published in a variety of outlets.

  3. First, some table-setting:
  4. The "Nine Assumptions" post included examples of how leaders sometimes use treats to reward employees in a way that some may find disrespectful and counter to inclusiveness…
  5. And I pointed out that eating at your desk is an important element of workplace food culture
  6. After the "Nine Assumptions" post, I took the opportunity of a milestone anniversary to backtrack on my workplace food culture sojourn…
  7. Enough with the problems.

    I wanted to talk about solutions.
  8. In "…My Next Best Thing…" I set the table by raising the issue of

    cake culture environments where indulgent treats are the norm

    — and addressed how "food altars" alienate some employees and may sabotage employees' aspirations.
  9. I tried to pre-empt the inevitable resistance, which tends to take one of two paths:

  10. 1. Stop taking away choice!

    This common objection is mystifying. Introducing healthy options doesn't reduce choice. But, for some reason, these "choice" people — who usually focus on their preferred choice while dismissing others' — can't be appeased.
  11. 2. No one has to eat that junk food if they don't want to!

    This is the great American "every-man-for-himself" approach to wellbeing — isolating, cynical, and… unfounded:
  12. (The Times article acknowledged that obesity is a function of both genetics and environment, rather than simply willpower.)

    Then, there's this…
  13. The next article revealed my first-hand account of how I set out to address "cake culture"…
  14. Dean Witherspoon and the good people at Health Enhancement Systems invited me to publish what turned out to be the centerpiece of the series in their publication, Well-Being Practitioner, and on their blog…