On Anti-ageing Feature of Alkaline Water Purifier

By Bluemount


  1. With the increasing pollution, it has become imperative to use water purifiers. You cannot trust the
    regular filters to efficiently purify the drinking water. Almost every household today has an RO
    water purifier. However, the latest is the trend to have an alkaline water purifier.
  2. Alkaline Water

    Water in itself has several health benefits, but alkaline water in particular has been considered to be
    even healthier, given its properties. Basically, when a water is alkaline, it is considered to have a
    higher pH level than the regular drinking water. The pH level usually refers to the acidic content of
    water. So if pH is 1 the water is highly acidic and if its 13 it is very alkaline. Therefore, most
    researchers have concluded that alkaline water has anti-ageing features.
  3. Benefits of Alkaline Water

    Ageing is a result of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle paired with increasing pollution and drinking
    water plays an important role in it. Following benefits of alkaline water render it an anti ageing
    1. Alkaline water helps in balancing the pH level in your body by reducing the acidic content
    accumulated by poor food habits.
    2. Our body requires anti-oxidants to fight off any health issues that may come up in the
    body. With a balanced pH level, the blood flow within the body improves leading to a
    healthier immune system. Alkaline water provides that to the body.
    3. It detoxes the body and cleanses it of any impurities, leading to a healthier and glowing skin.
  4. Blue Mount Alkaline RO

    The Blue Mount RO is an Alkaline water purifier which helps the body to restore its pH levels.
    Blue Mount Alkaline RO uses the latest technology to manage ORP and reduce the harmful effects
    caused by the free radicals in drinking water. The purifier ensures that the water you drink is not
    only pure but has added minerals to benefit your health.