Harmony Iron Remover Filter 1500


  1. Choking of pipelines and scale formation on expensive bath fittings, taps and showers have been a problem for many people. The redness of water that leaves the stain on bathtubs and floor is one of the most challenging things for many homeowners.To address these challenges, Bluemount Appliances introduces the Bluemount iron remover, a 100% safe and effective solution. Free from harmful chemicals, the iron remover efficiently eliminates the excessive iron from water and removes the risk of damage by using the smart ferrous nil media.
  2. Product Name: Iron Remover Filter 1500
    Product Code: BM97
    Flow Rate/ Capacity(Max.): Upto 1500 LPH
    Vessel Diameter: 330 mm (13 Inch)
    Vessel Height: 1372 mm (54 Inch)
    Weight: 145 kg (Approx)
    Mz10 Plus Media: 80 kgs NSF Certified Media
    Media Quantity: 80 kg
    Max. Vessel Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
    Coarce Media: 15 kg
    Actiavtion of Media: Backwash Only
    Type of MPV: Top Mount
    Mode Of Operation: Manual
    Min. Inlet Pressure/ Temp: 1.8 kg / cm2, 10°C
    Max. Inlet Pressure/ Temp: 3.5 kg / cm2, 35°C
    Helpine Number: +91-11-49491515