Blue Mount Crown UTS

Latest Alkaline RO Technology


  1. Alkaline RO purification technology provides purification ina multi-stages process by alkaline RO combined with Alkaline + Carbon +Sediments filter.
  2. The double filtration provided by a combination of carbon and sediments filter removes both suspended and chemical impurities such as chlorine, pesticides and various organic chemicals.
  3. The Alkaline filter and RO Membrane collectively purify water to micro levels. Post-purification pH filter modulates and maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body.
  4. No chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or iodine are used for purification of water, unlike other water purifiers, thereby making water safe and healthy for consumption.
    Product Code: BM56
    Technology: Online RO + Antioxidant Alkaline
    Applications: Suitable for Purification of Brackish / Tap /Municipal water
    Purification Capacity: Upto 18 Litres Per Hour
    Recovery Rate: More than 20% at 27°C+-2°C
    Weight: 5.8 kg (Approx)
    Product Dimension (inch): 12 (H) x 8.7 (W) x 16.7 (L)
    Storage Capacity: 3.2 Gallon Pressure Tank
    Filters: Sediment, Activated Carbon, RO, AntioxidantAlkaline
    Membrane Type: Thin Film Composite
    Input Voltage: 100-300 Volt AC (50 Hz)
    Operating Voltage: 24 Volt (DC)
    Total Power Consumption: 50W
    Installation: Wall Mounted
    RO + Alkaline Filter Life: Approx 6000 Litres / 1 Year
    Filter's Life: Approx 6000 Litres / 1 Year
    Max. Operating Feed Water TDS: 2000 PPM
    Min. Inlet Pressure/Temp: 0.3 kg/cm2, 10°C
    Max. Inlet Pressure/Temp: 3.5 kg/cm2, 35°C
    Helpline Number: +91-11-49491515