RNC Skirmish August 28, 2012

Chronicling fur flying on the floor of RNC 2012 from my Wisconsin vantage point.


  1. We knew there would be trouble in the right wing's Tampa paradise last weekend. The Romney camp demanded that Ron Paul endorse him if he wanted to speak at the convention.  #RNCPowerGrab became a dominant hashtag for the rift today. I settled in hoping to watch a good ole convention fight. 

    Michelle Malkin and Dean Clancy of Freedomworks are tweeting on the AstroTeaTurfer side (they call themselves "grassroots". For a variety of logical reasons I won't call them that).  

    Malkin penned a post which chronicles the drama. The chief point is that changes proposed in GOP convention Rule 12 would allow the GOP committee leadership to change rules between conventions - effectively potentially removing power from the delegates who assemble every 4 years.
    Source:  http://michellemalkin.com/2012/08/27/floor-fight-grass-roots-activists-battle-attempt-to-rig-gop-convention-delegate-rules/ 

    On Mon. night, trouble brewed:
    Tonight, Texas delegates loyal to Ron Paul are planning to loudly protest the compromise reached on delegate rules.  Breitbart News sources on the convention floor say vast swaths of the Texas delegation are going to stand up and chant in unison, “No! Heck, no! Don’t change the rules!”

    More on the Rules committee shenanigans is in this
    "both of Florida’s Rules Committee members, Peter Feaman and Kathleen King, have been removed from the Rules committee and replaced with Romney-appointed delegates"

    source:  http://michellemalkin.com/2012/08/27/floor-fight-grass-roots-activists-battle-attempt-to-rig-gop-convention-delegate-rules/ 

  2. Tea Party members are tweeting to Reince and calling to object the rules changes.
  3. Meanwhile it seems the media, if focused on the RNC's chair at all, focuses on the recent racist campaign tactics of Romney and that Reince got slammed by Chris Matthews while defending them.
  4. Freedomworks - not an impartial party to this - reported:

  5. Some claim/claimed the skirmish at RNC is a "Paulista" plot.
    Such as this blogger:
    Here’s my take on the whole deal.  The Tea Party is making a stand on principle (an understandable one, but one with unintended consequences) that will open the door for the Dungeon Masters from the Kingdom of Paul to turn the convention into a circus.  I have witnessed this behavior firsthand the state convention level.  This type of floor fight is exactly what they want.  Ron Paul is already on the floor of the convention whipping these people into a frenzy.....
    To me, the Tea Party, talk radio, and several conservative pundits are making a mountain out of a molehill, and are simply giving the Paulistinians a chance to make a scene at the convention.
    source:  http://thirdgenerationpolitics.com/2012/08/28/the-scoop-on-the-rule-changes/ 
  6. Not Malkin:
  7. Or maybe the RNC leadership is trying to dismiss what's going on in this way?  There certainly was a strong showing for Ron Paul at the Sun Dome the other day.  And there was this:

  8. Obviously, not everybody is upset - or they are deliberately trying to quell the noise on this:
  9. Multiple reports of the VA delegation not being present. Some that security stopped them from entering. Tweeter @astudy says Morton Blackwell of VA is the "rules guru".
  10. More reports coming out - - that the RI contingent suffered  the same fate as VA.

    MT @dragonpepper: #IA Chair A J. Spiker just tweeted he's been denied admission 2 RNC RulesComm hearing despite having pass. | #RNCpowergrab


  11. Several tweeted that a compromise won the day. That compromise keeps Rule 12 intact.