Education is the most important thing

My two friends acknowledged that education is the most significant aspect in life.

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  1. Today after a brief discussion, both of my friends today acknowledged with me that education is the most important thing to them.
  2. My first friend, Duy Nguyen, said that thanks to the school, he got chance to meet so many good friends of his life. These relationships helped him a lots in terms of shaping his great personality later on.
  3. He also felt a little bit confused because he didn't even know how to say thanks enough for being inspired by his own friends
  4. My second friend, Giang Pham, remarked that without proper education, she couldn’t be successful that much and couldn’t help other people as well.
  5. She believed that one of the most magical thing in life of a human is learning. Learning can enhance everything, the more new things you absorb, the better you get day by day.
  6. To put everything together, both of them indicated the significance of education explicitly and they confessed their lives would be totally different without experiencing the decent education.