A day at Nobby beach


  1. Nobby beach is located in Newcastle so my friends and I decided to travel by train and we departed from Central station.
  2. After 4 hours on the train, we finally arrived !
  3. To finally reach the beach, we had to walk along the coast path for 15 minutes.
  4. There goes my Nobby beach ! Only by seeing it in such a distance, I was really impressed.
  5. Luckily, it was a sunny day so the color of the water was so beautiful.
  6. It was so clear that we could see everything underneath.
  7. This is me playing with the cold water. Nobby beach is such a breathtaking sightseeing.
  8. I unexpectedly found out a large moss-grown area. It felt so good to walk on them.
  9. We took a lot of outstanding photos and had so much fun.
  10. We left the beach at 5p.m and arrived at Central station at 10p.m. What a perfect day !