Choosing the perfect birthday flowers

Did you know there is a flower associated with every month of the year?


  1. Many of you already know that every month have its own birthstone. But are you aware that there is an exclusive flower for each of these months? Yes, it is true. This is why you need to learn about these flowers so that you can gift someone the appropriate flower to complement his/her birth month. This makes your gift special and unique, tailor-made to the recipient.
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Wedding anniversary bouquet. Thank you Jill. 😘 @bloommagic #magicalbloomcollection
    #Repost 📷 @julieredmond with @repostapp ・・・ Wedding anniversary bouquet. Thank you Jill. 😘 @bloommagic #magicalbloomcollection
  3. Here is the full list broken down by month:

  4. January: Carnations
  5. February: Iris
  6. March: Daffodil
  7. April: Sweet Pea
  8. May: Lily
  9. June: Rose
  10. July: Larkspur
  11. August: Gladiolus
  12. September: Aster
  13. October: Marigold
  14. November: Chrysanthemum
  15. December Poinsettia