#HWDSBvoices - Student Voice Forum - North Cluster

On Thursday, October 25th, 2012, The Director's Student Voice Forum for the North Cluster occurred at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Hamilton. These are the collected tweets of the day. More commentary can be found on the Student Voice blog (http://directorsforum.commons.hwdsb.on.ca).


  1. These first couple of tweets indicate the power of social media. Last week, the class of room 216 at Westdale Secondary appreciated the ability to participate and interact with their peers who were physically present at the forum itself. Through Twitter (#HWDSBvoices) and the Director's Forum blog, ALL students of HWDSB were afforded the opportunity to participate remotely. Social media truly does turn walls into windows.
  2. One of the fantastic abilities of an online forum is the ability of students to participate from afar with the students physically present at the event. We really want this experience and opportunity for expression to be given to all students boardwide. The students of Westdale (Room 216) appreciated this aspect on Friday at #Highland. Hoping to see more today!