What to Consider with Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is a lot more complicated than loading up some shipping boxes at point A and then unloading those same shipping boxes at point B.


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  2. Actually, freight shipping has become increasingly more complicated and challenging as the demand has increased. With ecommerce businesses at an all time high, and rising, freight shipping is feeling the effect of that- which has its positives and negatives.
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  4. For one, the physical space that needs to be available in order to move everything is hugely limited compared to the demand. There is a real shortage of drivers at this time. Profits aren’t what they used to be, so equipment is growing old and not being fixed properly. All of these factors play into how you can get yourself a reasonable freight shipping quote. If you have a stack of those shipping boxes I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are things you can do to make that happen in the most cost effective, timely way.
  5. Choose the Right Company

  6. A lot of carriers specialize in the types of products that they carry, or the geographic area that they cover. Online research will help you narrow down which carrier is going to be the best one for your company. Also, keep an eye out for how the carrier handles rush orders. You don’t want to get lambasted in an emergency situation.

  7. Have Proper Communication

  8. The better that you communicate with your carrier, the less chance your shipment has of being late or messed up in some other way. When you get your estimate from your carrier, explain what type of items you would need shipped, and what type of location the items are generally being shipped to (commercial businesses with proper unloading facilities, or residences). Also, utilize your carrier’s online tracking service to keep an eye on your items and any potential issues.
  9. Complete All Paperwork

  10. Simple paperwork mistakes are a huge reason that shipments and orders get messed up. Have someone go over the details of your shipping paperwork to make sure that it looks right.
  11. Properly Package your Product

  12. Please! If you have a large number of shipping boxes all carrying the same thing, or even just going to the same place, then consider having them palletized. This is way easier for a shipper to manage, both physically and logistically. It’s a much more effective way for loading and unloading, and it’s a surefire way for making sure that all of the items of the order are getting delivered together. Seemingly little things like this are what is going to wind up saving you the most money.