Reinventing your image in a world of changing journalism

In a rapidly evolving world, journalists must adapt to a variety of challenges. Take a look at how we can combat being defeated by the new age of journalism.


  1. A rapid addition of new technology and the increased use of social media has created for a more fast-paced world. We as humans want news and we want it quickly. With so many options of media outlet to use, how are people deciding what to use?
  2. Our technologicial society has been completely transformed since the early days of journalism where only simple applications were used to get the news out people. Longer stories are being substituted for brief stories and newspapers are being thrown away for online news.
  3. In the past, as huge events unraveled it would take time for the news to reach the general public. However, with our technology nowadays, people are receiving news within minutes and sometimes even seconds. As people constantly have their phones in their hands, they have come to expect fast results.
  4. Changing World of Journalism
  5. With this changing world of journalism, competition among journalists is at an all-time high. Every journalist wants to be the one to get a big story out fastest, but how they choose to do it makes the bigger impact.
  6. Citizen journalism is more relevant today than it ever was before. With people having multiple forms of social media, they are able to use their voices to spread their own news. This can be especially be found on sites like Twitter, where anything can be said by anyone. Journalists need to find a way to maintain a bigger voice among the stir.
  7. The Impact of Twitter on Journalism | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios
  8. Diane Sawyer has seen firsthand how the jobs of journalists are being affected because of our changing society. Here she talks a little about how different news outlets will struggle to make a name for themselves:
  9. Reel Journalism: Diane Sawyer -- The Changing World of Journalism
  10. The skills that may have been necessary in the past to be a good journalist are completely reformed today. In order to be a relevant journalist, adapting to all new platforms and outlets is key.
  11. Other than getting stories out quickly, journalists today need to capture the attention of audiences. Whether it be with graphics or by using emotional appeal, they need to find a way to have audiences coming to them instead of their competitors.
  12. Without taking advantage of these skills, journalism will lose its edge. This video talks about how reinventing your image as a journalist is needed in order to be successful.
  13. Jim Brady of the WashPost Online