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Netflix’s’13 Reasons Why?’ holds violent content

The warning has been issued by Headspace over graphic ’13 Reasons Why’ (Netflix series). According to them, suicidal scene can put a negative impact on that depressed youth.


  1. One of Australia’s top mental health organizations has given a warning about graphic scenes in the new Netflix content 13 Reasons Why. The television series, which revolves around the aftermath of teenage damsel’s suicide,was made available in Australia last month. Youth mental health foundation headspace said it has got an increasing number of calls and emails from guardians and young people concerned about the content of the program. The series hovers around a teenage lad who finds a series of cassette tapes. They contain recordings made by a young woman who ended her life and detailed the reasons behind.

    In the final episode ofthe show, watchers were tackled with the suicide itself. The scene wasextremely graphic and controversially depicted. The way of suicide, whichresearch recommends can be of future risk to vulnerable people and those jammedby suicide; and has been linked with grown rates of suicide and attempts.

    The head of headspace's online counseling service, Dr Steven Leicester said, “There is a responsibility for broadcasters to know what they are showing and the impact that certain content can have on an audience – and a young audience in particular."

    According to the managerfor headspace's school support service, these kinds of scenes can put theimpact on those who walking through the depression.

    Mindframe, a nationalinventiveness at the Hunter Institute of Mental of Health that teaches mediacompanies about suicide anticipation, has also been fielding inquiries fromworries individuals, according to a spokeswoman. Mindframe’s media directionsfirmly urge against counting explicit content, method and venue details aboutsuicide.

    Hunter Institute director Jaelea Skehan said in the statement, "While there is a warning on that final episode (and the one before that depicts the rape scene) – people may not turn off from watching the final two episodes because of a warning”.

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