How The Black Keys Promoted The El Camino Album

A look at the media placements and tactics used to maximise exposure for the band's new album. Find out more about The Black Keys here -


  1. Our story begins on October 9, 2011, when this topic was started in this Black Keys' fan forum. An apparently excited fan had seen this ad in their local newspaper (actually it was a record company set up).
  2. The next day a few tipped off online publications saw this website - 
  3. This Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) video cleverly revealed the new Black Keys' album would be released on December 6, 2011
  4. On October 27 the Lonely Boy single was released. The video went viral. This extra for the actual video director Jesse Dylan was making, caught everyone's eye. Rather than well thought out planning, this shaky bit of footage shot at the time was released as the video.
  5. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (First Listen)
  6. One of the earliest interviews with Dan and Pat appeared in American Songwriter. It set the tone for the central themes the band would reiterate through most interviews. It documents their longer than usual production process for this album and notes the speed and change of direction of the music.
  7. In October Dan and Pat had travelled to the UK to do some English and Eeuropean media and interviews. These interviews and articles would appear in the coming months around the album release period.
  8. The band also did a number of video interviews at this time in Europe, and through out their media commitments. It's a sign of the times when so much reportage is now specifically designed for internet viewing.

    Here Dan describes his playlist for a road trip in a van for French media.
  9. The band also got some big name photographers like Danny Clinch and Mark Seliger (below) to create some new photo imagery
  10. On 10 November, arguably the world's most influential DJ, BBC Radio One's Zane Lowe is given the Run Right Back track to play on his show, It's immediately shared by everyone.
  11. The Black Keys site flips to reflect the van-oriented packaging in mid-November
  12. Pat Carney releases a video in late November of the Lonely Boy / Rub Right Back 12" vinyl they will release on Record Store Day. It shows the record playing from the inside out.
  13. A professionally made video, a counter point to the dancing Lonely Boy video, is also quietly released on the Warner Brothers record label Vimeo channel
  14. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (RSD Exclusive)