Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

A Talk With HOBI Studio’s Owner, Tamarah D. Jones


  1. The House of Blended Ink, better known as HOBI Studios, has been operating since 2009. HOBI Studios is designed for those individuals who desire to take their artistic career to the next level. This studio offers consulting services for different types of artists including videographers, choreographers, photographers, fashion designers and event planners. “Our foundation is based on building and supporting artists so that they can turn their hobbies into a profession and market themselves,” said Tamarah D. Jones, owner of HOBI Studios. Artists are able to use the studio for their events and occasions such as private functions, fashion shows, video shoots, rehearsals and art shows.


    Jones’ desire is to support and encourage artists and business professionals with their craft by giving them the necessary tools needed to run and operate a business. “Tamarah is awesome! She’s sweet and savvy and understands the importance of the human in her business relationships,” says Corey Guevarra, a photographer who works frequently with HOBI Studios, “At HOBI it’s a community. As artists we usually share ideas and concepts with each other there. I appreciate that. Never any competition, just a constant desire to watch each other grow. Great message and theme for our entire African-American community.”  


    When discussing the reasoning behind her desire to become a business owner, she reflects on her childhood years and watching her father support her entire family of 10, as a musician. She explains how she never saw her father work a 9-to-5 job, “…Don’t get me wrong my father worked hard and there was 10 of us, and he supported our entire family on what he created,” she said. She used what she learned from her father’s work ethic to start her own artistic career and business and follow her own dreams. “I didn’t want to spend all of my life building something for someone else,” referring to working for a company or corporation.


    Jones explains the importance of not only African-Americans supporting black-owned businesses but also the significance of black-owned businesses supporting each other in the community. For instance, she works closely with the black-owned restaurant located close to her studio. If there is an event at her studio, she makes sure she sends her guest over to their restaurant afterwards, in order to support that business. She expresses all the hard work that goes into being an entrepreneur and the amount of faith it requires to run a business. Jones states the importance of supporting the community and building a business community where people want to frequent the area where her business is located. She adds, “…The same way it takes a village to raise a kid, I think it takes a village to support businesses and the business community.”