#nysaisADM – inbound marketing

Brendan Schneider's (@schneiderb) presentation on inbound marketing for schools.

  1. Come join us @ 2013 Admissions Dir Conf: Session 2 - Inbound Marketing for Schools by Brendan Schneider.  http://bit.ly/10zSYpk AdNYSAISAdm
  2. admissions decisions start with Google. indy schools have to make sure that they show up 1, 2, or 3 in family searches. #nysaisADM
  3. traditional outbound marketing = interruption. it interferes with the course of your day. inbound marketing pulls people to you #nysaisADM
  4. how do families who know nothing about your school find you? how do they find your competitor schools? #nysaisADM
  5. Brendan Schneider: "use your school's marketing to solve your potential families' problems." #NYSAISAdm
  6. pro tip from @schneiderb: don't put your school's name first in your page title. put it second, after important descriptors. #nysaisADM
  7. marketing hub: send families to the place where you can convert them into an inquiry/application. #nysaisADM
  8. Find the top ten most visited pages of your school website and put Calls to Action there. Inquiry options should be everywhere. #nysaisADM
  9. write for people. there has to be authenticity in what a school publishes wherever it does – and engage in dialogue. #nysaisADM
  10. @schneiderb reminds us to educate and entertain. share knowledge on broad educational topics #nysaisadm @teptech @artwitholiveri
  11. 75/25/1 rule for schools on facebook -- 75% about your school, 25% about community, and 1 interaction as your school a day. #nysaisADM
  12. schools should write blog posts once a week. be consistent. (and are you posting too much?) #nysaisADM
  13. love the idea of Google+ Hangouts or a webinar series for prospective families. #nysaisADM
  14. on analytics, someone in the crowd just whispered "oh god, that's scary." why not use that power to track your message? #nysaisADM
  15. more than anything, inbound marketing lets a school figure out what's working/what isn't. use data to make informed decisions. #nysaisADM
  16. seems clear (to me, anyway) that a school's admissions office shouldn't be separate from marketing/communications. #sameteam #nysaisADM
  17. Social Media = essential marketing/communication skill for school sustainability in 21st C. Why don't more schools believe that?#NYSAISAdm
  18. @DrBobLane yes. absolutely essential, picking right up with the (lack of) twitter conversation yesterday. #nysaisADM
  19. @JosieHolford @DrBobLane FWIW, I just heard "well it works for him because ___, but it would never work for us." frustrating. #nysaisADM