#nysaisADM - 21st Century Admissions

My tweeted notes, and some back-and-forth, from this afternoon's NYSAIS Admissions Conference session.

  1. Coming up @ 2013 Admissions Directors Conf Session 1: 21st Century Admissions by Sarah Daignault. Join us:  http://bit.ly/10zSYpk AdNYSAISAdm
  2. #nysaisADM independent school admissions is no longer "if you build it, they will come."
  3. #nysaisADM movement from admissions to enrollment mgmt has a lot to do with the movement away from siloed leadership. #teamwork
  4. #nysaisADM indy school admissions = mission, finances, demographics... and alumni, siblings, donors, etc.
  5. #nysaisADM "making sense of data" is important for administrators, teachers, students... should we emphasize this skill more than we do now?
  6. #nysaisADM what data matters and how often does it need to be looked at? what is management/what is strategic? back to understanding data.
  7. #nysaisADM in the 1950's, shabby chic worked. today it doesn't. $40k/year tuition means that more attention needs to be paid to facilities.
  8. @bkolani Reading Big Data, an amazing book on the potential of data to aid in planning. Thinking of the relevance for NYSAIS. #nysaisADM
  9. @bkolani Is the impression that admissions folks are not into Twitter at all concerning? #21stcentury #nysaisADM
  10. @bkolani That means they are missing out on the best and most accessible resources on enrollment, FA and school marketing. #nysaisadm