1. First up was Gene Yuen Lang, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.
  2. Gene talked about the Secret Coders books that united his geekery -- his love of comics & his love of computers, which began with the Apple IIE & the programming language LOGO. He was a HS computer science teacher in Oakland, CA for years. He said he loved programming because it showed him how he could be a better artist. He also talked about how Secret Coders is like Harry Potter (there's a secret school), but also different -- everyone can be a coder (though they can't be a wizard.)
  3. He talked about Wonder Woman crossing cultures -- in her world, women have all the power. Yet she has to stay in our world as an ambassador to help us understand women's potential. But it's hard -- she has to wear different clothes, she has to hide who she is -- she's different.

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