SLJ Day of Dialog 2017

A gorgeous location - at NYU's Kimmel Center, next to Washington Square Park.


  1. First up was Gene Yuen Lang, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.
  2. Gene talked about the Secret Coders books that united his geekery -- his love of comics & his love of computers, which began with the Apple IIE & the programming language LOGO. He was a HS computer science teacher in Oakland, CA for years. He said he loved programming because it showed him how he could be a better artist. He also talked about how Secret Coders is like Harry Potter (there's a secret school), but also different -- everyone can be a coder (though they can't be a wizard.)
  3. He talked about Wonder Woman crossing cultures -- in her world, women have all the power. Yet she has to stay in our world as an ambassador to help us understand women's potential. But it's hard -- she has to wear different clothes, she has to hide who she is -- she's different.