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Kairos Conference 2015

Kairos Conference in Lörrach is hosted by Eurochurch. A network which concerns itself with the future of Gods people in postchristendom Europe.


  1. Let us start with a little appetizer - some thoughts of the conference up front, featuring Martin Robinson, Rolf Kjøde, Alan Hirsch and Maryana Hnyp
  2. Summary Kairos Conference 2015
  3. Europe has gone a long way in expecting a new renewal, a new Kairos Moment - this conference, small as it may be - is setting out to be just that: a pivotal moment in time to bring change into a postchristian society.
  4. The first speaker was Martin Robinson and his talk was spot on the development of the church and the contribution of Leslie Newbigin to Missional Theology.

  5. Martin Robinson Kairos Conferenz 2015
  6. Throughout the keynotes Keith Young provided us with drawn summaries of the Keynotes - here is Martin Robinsons Talk:
  7. Eurochurch Conference 2015
    Eurochurch Conference 2015

  8. Next up Alan Hirsch spoke about the shape of the future of the church:

  9. Alan Hirsch Kairos Conference 2015
  10. The NT word kairos is a word usually associated with repentance (metanoia), which calls for a turn of the whole body (mind, direction, actions, life) -Alan Hirsch
  11. And again - his talk was visualized in a superb manner:
  12. Norwegian Speaker Rolf Kjøde spoke about missional Issues in the state church, eloquently and on the mark.

  13. Rolf Kjode Kairos Conference 2015
  14. And here is the graphical summary of the talk:
  15. Dietrich Schindler made an introduction to his "life workshop" course, which can make a difference for individuals and churches.
  16. Dietrich Schindler Kairos Conference 2015
  17. Clearly Maryana Hnyp, catholic theologian, was the most welcome addition to the speaker linup - her opinion and clear theology gave both depth and a new broadness to the discussion.

  18. Maryana Hynp Kairos Conference 2015