What is the Best Grappling Dummy?

Want to buy the Best Grappling Dummy for BJJ, MMA or Wrestling, but confused where to start?


  1. The ability to practice drills as much as you like without the aid of a training partner has taken today’s best fighters to a whole new level of skill and proficiency and has made high quality grappling dummies some of the most sought after items by martial arts enthusiasts everywhere.
  2. One of the main reasons for their popularity, beyond the ability to practice anytime you please, is the ability to train at full force without the fear of injuring your partner. This allows grappling dummies to bring a new dimension of realism and benefit to your training.
  3. To get the most of these benefits, however, you need to find a quality dummy that will best serve its purpose.
  4. Whether you are looking for an MMA dummy, a wrestling dummy, or a Jiu Jitsu dummy, there are several important factors you will want to take into account.
  5. The first of these is the dummy’s intended use.While throwing dummies are a great addition to your arsenal, most fighters will benefit the most from a good submission dummy.
  6. Of these, the dummy we recommend the most is the Submission Master grappling dummy.
  7. One of the reasons we like this dummy is its durability—the second factor you need to consider no matter what dummy you buy. Grappling dummies take a lot of abuse, meaning you’ll need to find one that can take the heat if you want to protect your investment.
  8. Lastly,it’s important to consider the positioning and flexibility of a grappling dummy. For submission work, you want a dummy that has bent limbs that are flexible enough to maneuver yet stiff enough to provide a realistic amount of resistance.
  9. Consider these important details and decide what type of training you want to do and you’re well on your way to finding the best grappling dummy for you.
  10. If you still need a recommendation, consider the Submission Master. Its flexibility, positioning, and durability have made it one of the most popular BJJ grappling dummies on the market, and have earned this dummy our firm recommendation to fighters of most every background.