Modern Gay Culture and the Appropriation of Black Women

It's time for y'all to stop.

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  1. I'm sure this will make many gay men upset. This has been said before, but bears repeating until it stops. (TW: rape of Africans through colonization mentioned once).

    **I realize that there is more to gay culture than hair flipping (real or fake) and calling each other gurl and drag. I realize that gay culture is multi-faceted and has historical elements. I'm not attempting to bring down gay culture, or criticize it as a whole. I realize that "not all" (hate that) gay men are like this. I'm criticizing the misogynoir and caricaturing of stereotypical Black women by gay men for fun/entertainment. I realize that there are intersections to life and that not all gay men are White. One doesn't have to be White to caricature/ridicule, discriminate against, or express hatred for people of color (even people of their *own* culture). Try not to let your male or White privilege get in the way, for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Stay with me. Here's some history: Black Vernacular (AAVE or Ebonics) has been appropriated for a long time. Ebonics, much like "ghetto" names, derived from exclusion by White people and a creation of our own identities. You see, when you're ripped, beaten, and raped from your own country, you start to forget your history. You forget your language, your spirituality, your humanity. White people gave us a culture that wasn't ours. Our names weren't "Michael", "Sarah", and "Thomas" before colonization. Long ago my people decided to take our agency back. So we created our own names. 
  3. And again, those "ghetto names" were turned against us, and now we're ridiculed for them. I encourage you watch this 2:29 spoken word video about the etymology and cultural significance (including African ancestry) of those "ghetto names" you think are so funny/stupid. 
  4. To All the Little Black Girls With Big Names (Dedicated to Quvenzhane' Wallis)
  5. Ok. Back to the situation at hand.

  6. "Sassy Gay Friend"
  7. Wendy Williams's persona, much like most popular Black women in media, is that of a stereotypical ghetto Black woman. Thing is, she makes money off if it. We "regular Black women" get denied jobs because of it. Here: there have been countless studies done, in America, Canada, and Europe, that PROVE that people with "ghetto" (and non-White) sounding names get passed over for job interviews when compared to *identical* AND BETTER résumés than Whites. Even though all non-White people were discriminated against, Black-sounding, "ghetto" names ALWAYS came out on the bottom (aka, NO or VERY FEW calls for interviews). The following link is an example of this.

  8. Quote from the following article: "White gay Atlanta men fetishize black sassiness and gay writer Ryan Lee is taking them to task for mocking diversity and then walking away. It's all fun and games for them, he argues, but it's all life and reality for black women who are black women 24/7 and not just during play time at the gay watering hole."
  9. Misogynoir: anti-Black misogyny.
    Misogyny: hatred of women.
  10. The "sassy" attitudes on @RuPaul's Drag Race are a viewer's delight. The contestants are "fierce" for channeling their "inner black women".