The B12 on Sunday

20+ years since the last Sunday Joydens Wood to Bexleyheath bus service, 28 April 2013 saw the introduction of a Sunday service on route B12, giving Joydens Wood and parts of Erith a welcome London bus service on Sundays. Obviously I gave this momentous occasion a suitable week-long build-up. Come along for the ride...


  1. Or, on second thoughts, let's follow the model for expanding Monday-Saturday newspapers to cover a seventh day of the week in my hashtag... #B12onSunday
  2. (Tenuous, I know.)
  3. For some reason that link hasn't been made clickable on Storify. That press release is here.
  4. It was Ed Balls Day. Also, more relevantly, my mum's birthday - what a gift to her for a bus service near her house to start running! Marvellous.
  5. The ever-accurate-and-engaging Diamond Geezer wasn't actually 'just passing' - he was about to board that bus and has written up his own B12 adventure here now too :)

    Meanwhile, my family went to Bexleyheath for a meal for my mum's birthday...