People's Question Time in Catford, March 2013

On 7 March 2013, it was Lewisham borough's turn to host one of the statutory People's Question Time events, where the Mayor and London Assembly answer questions from the public. Boris would never come here if it weren't legally required as he avoids hostile audiences - and, oh yes, we were hostile.

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  1. I've attempted to compile a Storify that gives a good overview of the evening without simply grabbing everything off the #pqt hashtag, because there was a LOT of that. This is mainly me and (my wife) Edith, with some bits and pieces we retweeted at the time, some additional context from seasoned Boris-watching political journalist (and SE London local) Adam Bienkov, and some audioboos from Darryl for anyone who wants to hear the described incidents for themselves. I think it gives you the idea. Enjoy! Boris certainly didn't.
  2. Obviously, we all ignored them, hid our phones under our programmes and continued to tweet, furtively.