Maturing and Thriving, Bitcoin Becomes More Accessible

The same goes for the exchanges that allow people to sell and buy bitcoins with other, real-world currencies.


  1. Although it undoubtedly aims at being a currency for average people around the world, Bitcoin has so far not always excelled in terms of accessibility. Its anonymous creators were truly smart people, blending top class computer programming and cryptography skills with an ambitious drive to create something truly novel that was capable of changing the world. While they left behind an impressive system that has undoubtedly become a real phenomenon, building in accessibility was not one of their strengths or goals.

    Fortunately, those who came after them have recognized this and worked hard to overcome this deficit. The wallet creation process, for example, has advanced in this respect by leaps and bounds over the years, so that just about any capable computer user today can make a new one. Instead of requiring the use of arcane, esoteric command-line programs, generating a new wallet today requires little more than a click of a graphical button.

    The same goes for the exchanges that allow people to sell and buy bitcoins with other, real-world currencies. They were formerly a real sticking point for the currency, as most were slow and unreliable. Even just becoming authenticated with such an exchange used to take weeks or even months, but that is no longer the case.

    In fact, as those who click here will discover, creating a new account can often be done in minutes today. While financial regulations mean that it will often be necessary to upload some identifying information, most of today's exchanges are excellent about processing and protecting these documents. Beyond that, it takes nothing more to sign up to trade Bitcoin than it does to register with the average social network site today.

    Using and trading Bitcoin, then, is far easier today than it once was, and things just keep on improving. While the creators of the currency left some important work of this kind to be done, those who have taken up the torch since have done an excellent job of picking up where they left off. Whatever barriers there might be to Bitcoin taking over the world, it should at least be clear by now that simple, basic accessibility is no longer one of them.