Unsafe Sex in the City

My thoughts on the programme on 2nd October 2013 as well as others I retweeted at the time. It ticked 7 #badsexbingo boxes and I really didn't like it #spoiler


  1. It looked like a really boring episode though ...
  2. They did say that penis swabs aren't common now but not until later in the show. This bit was a bit scary
  3. They kept referring to 'sex' as 'penis in vagina' or 'penis in anus' sex. There are lots of ways to have sex, this is just one of them (and (without condoms) is the most risky for STIs).
  4. I know the programme is set in GUM clinics but it really was being very panicky about teens and STIs. They reckon 1 in 10 young people (that have sex) have an STI, that means 9 in 10 don't.
  5. If you have more sexual partners you are more likely to get an infection: BUT, there was a moral assumption that more than one partner is BAD. Very very few of us have one partner for life. We aren't swans, or pigeons or whatever. Also we can still be at a very low risk of getting an STI if we have many many partners and practice safer sex (including non entry sex).
  6. Too simplistic. They were saying 'well young people get pissed and that is bad for their sexual health' without explaining why that is. My link in the tweet above explains why booze and sex is not always a great idea (but also many many people get pissed and shag without any negative consequences and have a wicked time).
  7. Yup. The narrator could easily have said 'sex educators don't like the word 'clean' when we talk about STIs, they can happen to anyone.'
  8. Good point Jen! (Negative sometimes means bad, but with STI results it means you don't have anything).
  9. Grrr I was getting cross.
  10. The amazing World Health Organisation definition of sexual health there which specifically mentions pleasure.
  11. Well quite. Not just me getting cross.
  12. Nah it's all about the yoof. Although there was a very old man with a festive beard who looked a bit like I will look in 40 years time.