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zodiac birthstones

Aries must wear jasper later this year. This stone brings good luck and throws out evil spirits. In addition, it stimulates digestion, which is often deficient for this zodiacal sign. Taurus must wear like a pink quartz talisman. This pink stone strengthens the functions of the heart and brings luck in love. The Native of Gemini must wear its amber, especially in the cold season when it is exposed to cold. Cancer fits her adventurine. This stone brings him an unspeakable luck and protects him from negative energies. This year is the year of occultism, and Cancer is exposed to charms. That is why he has to carry this stone with him. The lion has to carry on the rock crystal. With this lucky stones, the mind and spirit of the native of fire will be in full form. The lucky Talisman of the Virgin in 2017 is the citrine. This lemon-colored stone brings good mood, helps digestion and pancreas.