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    Submitted by:IGNCheatsBancho Ratchet SkinUnlock the Bancho Ratchet Skin by entering this code at the pause menu: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, R3. After you defeat him, you will unlock the Insomniac Muesuem.Contributed By: Ryan200666.30Skill PointsComplete each task to earn the respective Skill Point.UnlockableHow to UnlockAgorian Battleplex - FlawlessFinish last challenge without getting hit.Agorian Battleplex - Impatient ChampionFinish "Gone in 60 Seconds" in less than 45 seconds.Agorian Battleplex - Interception!Catch an Agorian Bomb out of the air.Agorian Battleplex - Lifted and GiftedComplete a Battleplex challenge entirely on hoverboots.Agorian Battleplex - Master BlasterKeep your blaster in the hot state for 60 seconds in My Blaster Runs Hot.Agorian Battleplex - Praetorian GuardDestory the Hydra Tank using only your wrench.Axiom City - Baggage HandlerDestroy all luggage in Axiom City.Axiom City - Terachnoid RaveGet 12 Terachnoids in Axiom City to dance.Bernilius Sector - Hit and RunDestroy 10 enemies by ramming them with the Quantum Reflector.Destruction - Air LombaxDefeat 50 enemies while the player is in mid-air.Destruction - Champion BowlerDefeat 10 enemies with one dynamo.Destruction - Friend of FredDefeat 10 enemies with one shot of the Rift Inducer 5000.Destruction - Magic BulletDefeat 2 enemies with one bullet.Destruction - Negative, GhostriderShoot down 5 dropships before they can drop off their passengers.Destruction - RegifterDestroy 2 enemies with on