Creating Customer Journey Maps

  1. For clients and companies that are new to customer experience and service design, one of the most powerful tools we have is the Customer Journey Map. When you show someone a really solid customer journey map you can see their eyes light up when they realize the power of mapping these experiences.

    Here are some resources that will help you decide if your organization should be considering creating a customer journey map or if you just want to see and hear more to better understand the value and the process.
  2. Customer Journey Mapping Basics - A short video guide to Customer Journey Mapping
  3. Mapping the customer journey | Ageas Insurance
  4. What is Touchpoint Dashboard?
  5. Digital Customer Journey - Richard Robinson, Google
  6. If you are interested in moving beyond just creating a customer journey map you will want o look into the discipline of Service Design. The video below begins to explain an overview of Service Design.
  7. Service Design: Beyond Customer Journey Mapping
  8. Here is the (now) classic McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey. This became popular a few years back when it was viewed as a more accurate description of what was really happening in the marketplace over the Purchase Decision Funnel which was more sequential.
  9. McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey