Occupy Wall Street Timeline

How the Occupy Wall Street protest came to life, and how it came to Canada.

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  1. Right-wing anger in the U.S. has resulted in the Tea Party. Left-wing anger has now resulted in the Occupy Wall Street protests, which may be morphing into a movement.

    It is also inspiring similar protests for Canada, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 15. See this timeline for details.

    Here is how the protests evolved.

  2. OWS Occupy Wall Street Movement, Zuccotti Park, New York City
  3. July 13: Adbusters magazine publishes an article headlined Awaiting The Magical Spark.

    David Graeber wrote:

    "(Former president Hosni) Mubarak's Egypt was one of the most repressive societies on Earth -- the entire apparatus of state was effectively organized around ensuring that what ended up happening could never happen. And yet it did.

    So why not here?"

    Almost one month earlier, Adbusters had registered the domain name occupywallstreet.org.

    Other activists would start up another website: occupywallst.org.

  4. A shortened version of the Twitter hashtag would eventually emerge: #OWS.

  5. By early August, other New York activist groups were planning their involvement in Occupy Wall Street.
  6. Aug. 5: The 'hacktivist collective' Anonymous says it will become involved in the Occupy Wall Street protests -  http://anonops.blogspot.com/2011/08/occupy-wall-street-occupywallstreet.html 
  7. Anonymous - Occupy Wall Street
  8. You might recognize the mask above as being from the graphic novel-turned-film "V for Vendetta," which is about an anarchist revolutionary trying to take down a totalitarian British government. The mask itself is based on Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the British parliament buildings in 1605.

  9. Aug. 23: A blog shows up called We Are The 99 per cent.

    It refers to the fact that the top one per cent of wealthy Americans control half that nation's wealth.

    The other 99 per cent get to share the other half.

    Its first post explains the project.
  10. Sept. 17: Day One of the protest. It doesn't get much mainstream media attention.

    This Google map shows some of the key protest locations.

  11. OWS Occupy Wall Street Movement, Zuccotti Park, New York City
  12. The activists worked to get their own message out.
  13. Social media played an ongoing role in both publicizing and organizing the protest.