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Newspaper guy turns digital-first-or-else

John Paton describes himself as a newspaper man, but he's now leading a Digital First effort as CEO of Digital First Media. He spoke with former colleague Douglas Knight of St. Joseph's Media and gave a speech at a Feb. 16 Canadian Journalism Foundation event.


  1. For background on Paton, see this Nov. 13, 2011 NYT story: Newspapers' digital apostle. There was a followup on Nov. 14, 2011: Q and A with a newspaperman who thinks print is over-rated.
  2. If I may go into my blog's archives, here is a Dec. 2, 2010 post excerpting a speech Paton gave to the International Newspaper Marketing Association - Digital First. Then the newspaper.
  3. J-Source live-blogged the event. It also posted a podcast, an event report and other material.
  4. ADDENDUM: John Paton posted a tweet on Feb. 18 linking to his speaking notes: Old dogs, new tricks and crappy newspaper executives.
  5. Richard Kendall was kind enough to send in a link via Twitter to the Shirky piece: Newspapers and thinking the unthinkable
  6. So, that's lotso negativity. What can be done?
  7. Paton said at the Register Citizen in Torrington, Conn., the newspaper live-streams its news meeting. In addition, the public is welcome to attend if they wish.