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What music do you listen to while travelling? (Music playlists)

What music for my playlist? What music for travelling? Music for driving? Background music for my private office. Our consumption of music is amazing and surprisingly, the music industry is still one of the hardest to penetrate. Having a great product is just one prerequisite to succeed.


  1. Many of our clients have asked the question, Do you have any CD's for sale? Our answer directs them to the demo samples on our wedding music website because we just have not had the type of budget needed in our SME to record a full album of quality music in a professional studio. Listeners are very discerning about their music consumption and the sound quality on modern recordings is just amazing.
  2. Solo performers with just a guitar also demand the best sound quality from their recordings.
  3. Now imagine how the following instrumental would sound if we recorded it somewhere like the famous Abbey Road studios.
  4. It would be like a dream come true for us, but we would have to do 1000 more steel drum band gigs to recover the cost after a full album. For this reason, there are many talented musicians out there with amazing ability and only their Facebook friends and those few clients that hire them are privileged to hear the music. I imagine that less than 5% of musicians succeed in getting their music to reach more than 50% of the population in their city and probably less than 0.0000000001% of the global population. As soon as you publish a demo or tweet a link to a track, it has to compete with all the other voices in social media.
  5. As you make your next playlist, just consider for a minute that your tracks are selected from the lucky 5% that made it all the way. The first track on your list could have easily been stuck at 94% and just miss out on crossing over into the mainstream for commercial success. A record company executive could have been deliberating between that artist and some other artist and easily make a decision which would have changed the course of your playlist.