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What Is A Good Career (What are the best jobs)

What is a good career? What job should I do? What are the best jobs in the world? These are some of the most frequently asked questions. In considering your options, you need to think about risk vs reward and choose a career that will make you happy. We start with a party planning career.


  1. Ideas for a Caribbean themed Party (How to plan a big party)
  2. A job where you can leave the office and meet different people, visit new locations and work on your own initiative is an excellent choice. However, if you have real ambition and determination then this next video shows how some of the richest people made their money. 
  3. Forbes 2012 Billionaires: The Top 10
  4. You could develop skills and help people to feel better. The medical profession offers a range of opportunities. Here is one example.
  5. If you prefer adventure, then there is a competition each year for a handful of dream jobs which are exciting and challenging.
  6. The Six Best Jobs in the World
  7. If you have looked at each example and are still undecided, then perhaps you may have the DNA of a politician? Regretfully, there wasn't any compelling example to show the positive side of being a politician. However, If you are seriously thinking along those lines, then you will need a full spectrum of communication skills and excellent selling skills. You don't want to end up in a situation where an entire country is against you or major unions are threatening a general strike, because your CV does not include negotiating skills. History shows that most disputes are resolved with a negotiated settlement; you will need the ability to reach agreement sooner to avert a crisis.
    For a look at other career opportunities and a variety of jobs, have a look at one of my favourite sites.
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