Ways to celebrate my birthday (Teen party ideas)

Ways to celebrate my birthday; how to celebrate my 16th birthday, what to do for my 18th birthday, how to plan my party; the solutions are all dependent on your ability to be creative. The Party Ideas Incubator on YouTube is a good place to start. You can subscribe to the channel and share videos.


  1. Parties are all about having fun and feeling important. However, you must still be mindful of your guests and create a crescendo of exciting features. These features will increase the cost and it is also important that you prove that handling responsibility is one of the skills which you have developed. 
  2. 18th Birthday Celebration ideas (Planning and financing)
  3. But, what if you could arrange a party to celebrate your birthday and recover all the cost by the end of the celebrations, or before they even start? Nowadays, teens are a thousand times more cleverer than any previous generation. Teens are entrepreneurs; teenagers are filled with new ideas and have a thirst for success.
  4. Teen Entrepreneurs: Part One
  5. Many teenagers are shifting from following celebrities to following successful entrepreneurs. Teenagers are taking the initiative to secure their own future rather than waiting for government schemes and programmes. If you have managed to create an idea as a teenager and recover the cost for your party, then you deserve a bonus from your parents. If you have shared the celebrations with other friends who are having their birthday party at the same time and reduced the costs, then that was a very creative idea. 
    When your parents are looking for ways to celebrate their birthday, you could share this next video with them as most of the ideas are for adults. 
  6. Birthday celebrations (What to do for my birthday)
  7. After the celebration, you can post the best images onto Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest. Be careful what you post, as future employers, partners and friends may see the images and it could either help or hinder your relationship. Follow my work on twitter/bigsands.