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Should help always be free? (How To Get Help)

Help with daily problems, help with work problems, help with work issues, self help, help with family issues, these are some of the most common searches for help. People need help, and lots of it, so the big question is, How To Get Help?


  1. Should help always be free? Instinctively, the answer ought to be a resounding YES!! Help should be free. But what happens when you help someone once and then twice and then a third time? Somehow they seem to expect it all the F****** time until you eventually decide to turn off the tap. This is the reason why many people are reluctant to offer help; but it is hard to ignore a plea for help or ignore the word help in a sentence. Have a look.
  2. There are different types of help which we need such as advice, consultation, training, mentoring, etc, etc, but a request for help should always be considered and in my opinion, "Help" should always be free of charge. However, having said that, there should be a caveat for situations where the solution requires extended time commitment and is therefore chargeable. Just look at the results below for #consultation.
  3. In our steel band hire business, we offer free advice to help people with party planning based on our experience from over 1000 events.
  4. Party planning help is offered and in return we hope that some of the clients will book the band for their party. I also share ideas for free via Twitter to help people with an interest in that topic.
  5. What I would really like to see is more professional people and businesses doing the same and offering some free help or advice on their website. Just imagine if all websites had a section with a heading that said "Help," or "Free Help." The sites with Blogs are the best examples as they already offer lots of help, but any company which sells a product should have a help section and, any service provider should also have a help section. There maybe some exception, but I can't think of any right now. What are your thoughts? Does your website have either a help section or a Blog which offers help?