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Pinterest vs Facebook (Which is the best social media site)

Is Pinterest better than Facebook? Is Pinterest good for business users? Which sites are the best for marketing? These are some of the most talked about issues in social media discussions because there are millions of people using the services. Any social media site which can create sales is guaranteed an exciting future as users seek new income streams. Here is a snapshot of the most popular social networking sites.


  1. Pinterest is very effective at referring customers to retailers. In fact, the value of its SPMH (Sales Per Mouse Hours) is exceptional, compared to any other social media sites, as shown in recent case studies. Have a look at these Pinterest boards and you will see how easy it is for a potential customer to make a buying decision.
  2. The key to answering the question which is the best social media site, depends on who has the initiative. Have a look at this Q & A session with Facebook's CEO.
  3. As the social media landscape evolves, the winner will always be the site which is the most relevant and this also applies to major search engines. Users do not want to trawl through lots of information before they find the most relevant result; they need that information within 3 clicks of the mouse or by making just one voice request on a smartphone. Facebook accounts for 23% of the time that people spend on their smartphone and usage on smart devices is increasing. But which social media site has the best retention rates? How important is your privacy and which site do you trust the most to protect your information?
  4. Going forward, the real winner is likely to be the social media site which demonstrates the best social responsibility; corporate social responsibility. The winner will have the lowest churn and become more sustainable. Pinterest is showing exceptional performance and is the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark. Facebook has over 1 Billion users and is one of the largest companies. But how will this social media landscape look in 3 years time? Which site will embrace new functionality like augmented reality on mobile and smart devices? Which social media platform will allow the user to search and share in the fastest time? These key factors will become more important and relevant.