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Niche Blogs (How to create a good Blog)

Find out how to write a blog, how to become a blogger and how to create a good blog post. Step 1 is to get off to a good start by finding a niche which you would like to tell the world about. This is the first big decision that you need to make. If you are a skilled individual, you ought to be blogging about your special skillset. This advice applies to anyone who has a unique skill or has reached the top 20% in their sector. If you are effective at blogging, it is another potential income stream and you are also helping to inspire thousands of people who read about your work. Have a quick look at my recent blog about party ideas.


  1. The party ideas blog is cultivated from a vault of extensive experience which my band has gained at many events. The writing style is easy to read and there are lots of images which I prefer to use instead of additional paragraphs. It is a blog which uses the Wordpress platform and is very easy to manage on a weekly basis. The hardest thing to do as a blogger is to develop a blueprint or an overall strategy for your blog post. In Wordpress, they have an excellent tutorial video which helps you to do this.  
  2. To be a good blogger, you need to be an effective communicator and take good photographs of your work or have access to stock images. It is best if you can use your own images as I keep seeing my favourite stock images used by other companies and it becomes annoying. Nowadays, most of my images are originals and have my tags embedded. Here is my Tumblr blog with lots of images.
  3. To be an effective communicator it takes time to develop this and use the right sentences to explain your points. Then, you must decide on the best title to encapsulate the post and make it easy for search engines to find it. To do this, I always conduct some preliminary searches to see what else is out there and try to avoid copying other bloggers. It is best to have your own hallmarks and try to stand out from the crowded blogosphere. After writing your post, you need to attract attention and gain traffic. To achieve this, you now have an excellent resource called Pinterest where you can post the images used in your blog with links back to the source. This will generate significant traffic depending on how strong those images are. Once again, your pin boards need to have good effective titles. 
  4. You could invest some time looking at images and try to understand which ones are weak and which are stronger. As a guide, you could get a current magazine related to your niche and browse through the images. The strong images on Pinterest are repinned and other users will start to follow your work; soon you will build an audience and be ready to monetize your blog. There are many articles and YouTube videos about how to monetize a blog. 
  5. 5 Tips to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Blogging
  6. If you have built a solid foundation and attracted an audience because of the quality of your advice, then you deserve a special award. Successful Bloggers should be given incentives by the department for education and relevant trade associations in recognition of all their help and hard work in that niche. Thousands of people will benefit from your quality work and it might remain in cyber space for ever. One of the nicest surprises is when someone contacts you and asks for your expertise or services after reading your blog post. This gave me the idea to set up a video blog (VLog) on YouTube which is now gaining momentum.   
  7. Each of the tools which I have posted in this article all share the same umbrella and are closely linked with the main website. Since starting as a complete novice, the traffic is now growing exponentially and you will experience this after 9 to 12 months. Your blog will also appear on the radar of marketing companies who may take an interest in your work.

    Please let me know if you found this article of interest and leave some comments about the type of blog that you are planning to write. You can also follow my work on Twitter/bigsands