Music for a Wedding (How to choose wedding music)

Wedding ceremony music, wedding entrance songs, the reception, the first dance, there is just so much to think about and very little margin for error. This post looks at how to choose wedding music and offers some suggestions which most guests will enjoy. Have a look this video and see how the surprise celebrations could have been enhanced with a live ensemble.


  1. Surprise Wedding Reception
  2. In the above video, it just needed the final component to be in place as the couple arrived for the reception drinks. A live band performing an inspiring piece of music is the perfect complement for a champagne reception. There are many ensembles that would be fit for the purpose and these include a String quartet, Jazz quartet, Steel drum band or a Mariachi band. This is much better than using a playlist of chart songs. The music should be lively, inspiring and uplifting and all you need to do is to hire a band that has covered many wedding receptions at reputable venues. Next, we look at other aspect of wedding music and this next video is an excellent example of wedding entrance music that most people will enjoy.  
  3. Incredible WEDDING Entrance Music
  4. The entrance is not the time for a vibrant piece of music. Choose carefully and create an atmosphere which is fit for a majestic bride to make a grand entrance. After the ceremony, you can raise the tempo and celebrate. Bob Marley's song One Love is often played immediately after the ceremony. It is so popular that Organist, Harpist and various ensembles ought to add it to their repertoire. A steel drum band performing an inspiring piece of music can also be a great choice, as in the video below. 

  5. Wedding celebrations (Steel drum band for weddings)
  6. Next, we look at the other aspects of wedding music and hiring an experienced DJ is an important decision. Again, you need a DJ with experience of weddings at the top venues. A DJ who can sense what music will work best throughout the party and shift gears to fill the dance floor. The video below will give you some good ideas.
  7. Wedding DJ "Let The Music Play" Formalities Demo
  8. Some brides end their wedding with a fireworks display followed by another ensemble performing for half an hour as everyone winds down and leaves. Throughout the entire process of choosing music for weddings, the performers have an excellent feel for what works best and you can rely on that experience. Making a request for a particular song is fine, but seeking to control the playlist is not a good idea. The top bands know the drill and have become very efficient at delivering the service. All you need to do is to book early, otherwise you end up trawling through the part-timers and taking your chances.

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