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How to make friends (Making real friends)

How to make friends and friendships? How to nurture a friendship? How to build trust in a relationship? These are some of the most frequently asked questions by people of all ages. This post looks at some aspects which you may enjoy and use to good effect. (French) Comment se faire des amis et des amitiés? Comment entretenir une amitié? Comment bâtir la confiance dans une relation? Voici quelques-unes des questions les plus fréquemment posées par les personnes de tous âges. Ce poste se penche sur certains aspects que vous pouvez apprécier et utiliser à bon escient.


  1. One of the challenges that each person has to deal with is moving on to new ventures and leaving behind good friends. It is always difficult and the above post offers some ideas on how to make new friends by arranging garden parties.
  2. Social media creates many opportunities for us to connect across the globe like never before and there are Dating sites to help people with similar interests. Here is a synopsis.
  3. Ellen's Guide to Dating Sites
  4. The most important question, is What are you looking for in a friendship? If you know the answer to this, it helps tremendously. From experience, it is a good idea to have friends who you can call or visit to spend quality time and have an interesting conversation; but in some situations you may find that one person is doing all the calling and the other person never calls. This means that you are obviously not that important to them, as they are to you. When you become aware of these situations, it is time to back-off a little and make new friends. At some point, they will call to see how you are and this gives you an opportunity to regain some initiative in the friendship. Anyone who has not called you at least once in a year, is not a friend; they are an Acquaintance. A real friend is someone who calls periodically just to make sure that you are still on the planet. Nowadays, you may find that some of the best friendships evolve from social media contacts because it started with a common interest, or you were both part of a group or forum. There are some really nice people out there, if you can find them. At the same time, there are some annoying people who just cannot get their act together and it is best to cut those strings as quickly as possible and move on before they infect your whole programme. The real friends that you have left will always be there, they are your BFF.
  5. Bill Gates talking about Warren Buffett
  6. In the above example, Bill Gates explains how the friendship with Warren Buffet developed and how they bonded. Everyone has someone who inspires them and this can create a lasting bond if you nurture the relationship for the right reasons. In our business, we often perform at surprise parties which are like examples of friends showing their appreciation of a relationship. If you have ever had a surprise party arranged for you by a friend, you will know how good that feels.
  7. Strong friendships can lead to successful partnerships in business; both Google and Apple were started by founders who were friends and there are many other successful examples. Going into business can also stress-test a friendship.

    If you have developed strong bonds with friends, please share some insight and post a comment.