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How to get a Job? (Career advice for students & graduates)

Career advice for students & graduates. How to get a good job? This post is a follow up to the earlier post on choosing a career and your task is to work out which career advice is the most relevant to you. It all starts with doing something that you enjoy, as explained by Donald Trump.


  1. Donald Trumps Advice on Choosing a Career
  2. Next, is the real challenge which is how to successfully apply for a new job? Getting a job is a skill in itself. From a certain perspective, they ought to teach these skills at some stage during the final year of school and take students to visit companies before they choose the subjects for advanced qualifications. Company CEO's can also be more proactive and work in partnership with schools instead of waiting for government initiatives. Human resource teams can easily arrange workshops for final year students and cover effective techniques for applying to a company. Senior executives can also inspire students by doing the same and covering other aspects which will help potential entrepreneurs. These can include product development, marketing and sales. If this next video was taking place at a University, just imagine how useful it would be to the students.

  3. Richard Branson: Advice for Entrepreneurs
  4. I would like to see more entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and graduates. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just put some new rims on it and see the difference. There are 2 lines of thinking which will help: the first is finding opportunities to improve an existing business, product or service across a spectrum of day to day industries. Many current business owners are stuck in a time warp and you can apply new thinking to start a company and compete or control that market. Second, is to take advantage of the low interest rate climate in 2013 to make capital investments when you start a business. Three years from now if the rates are much higher it will be more expensive, much more expensive. By thinking differently, you will be delighted at how this improves your outlook and prospects. This next video shows how to seize an opportunity for promotion.

  5. How to get promoted (Shattering the glass ceiling)
  6. It is amazing to see how her persona changed in the video, from the moment that the promotion was confirmed. For 2013 and going forward, the best career advice is to start by changing the way that you look at the whole job and career landscape. When you decide to complete an application for a job, be sure to research the company so that you know exactly what they do, their market, the products or service and their competitors. Try to understand how the job becomes an integral part of the company's operations. If you have entrepreneurial ambition and would prefer to start a business, then similar research will be useful but it will need to be more extensive. When your business gets off the ground and your periscope surfaces, you will feel intense heat from the competition that will aggressively raise their game to sink your business. This applies to any sector or market that you enter. A competitor will want some of that lovely cake that you are enjoying. We see examples of this with big companies and it often leads to litigation for patent infringement, copyright violations and numerous other claims to restrict the operations of a company.  

    Running a business takes you through a steep learning curve with very little margin for error. However, it can be very rewarding, even for a small business which operates in a niche sector.

  7. If you just want to apply for a regular job and have no desire to take on such challenges, then you will improve your chances by being fully prepared. This means doing some basic Google searches on the company and what they do. At the interview they are likely to be impressed that you at least know some facts about the business. However, much of your success will depend on your skill in connecting with the person or panel and making your answers "relevant" to the questions. Employers try to control the initiative during an interview because they are offering you a job, but the reality is that all companies need good employees just as much as you need them. An awareness of this factor will improve your chances of success.

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