How to choose a good career? (Career planning help)

How to choose a career or career path? This has to be the most challenging question for any teenager. Many teenagers impulsively commit to a career path without any research or knowledge of what is involved. The most common line of thinking was to become a Doctor, Lawyer or a Teacher. Nowadays, there is more choice and opportunities


  1. Many people do jobs that they absolutely do not enjoy; others feel lucky asthey relax in a comfort zone where they do very little and earn money. Did youknow that most rich people left school with nothing and built their empires? Lessthan 30% inherited their wealth. Most of the ones that I have read about hadnumerous failures and career changes before finding the opportunity which theycould develop into a successful business. With social media networking, theplanet has suddenly become a much smaller place as you can easily reach out andconnect with people and opportunities like never before. However, if you arerunning on old software or old thinking and yet to embrace social media, thenit is time to unshackle yourself and get up to speed on where the realopportunities exist. You can start by following key people in the sector that you would like to have a career and utilise Youtube to gain insight. Here is an example for careers in the Hotel industry, it is one of the best career guidance promos that I have seen.
  2. Hotel Virtual Tour - careers in the hospitality industry
  3. Choosing a career should be an enjoyable experience, but there is so muchthat depends on your decision and this makes it a nightmare. The next stepis to go out and see what a person in that career actually does on a day to day basis.Ideally, you need to see everything, because this is a huge decision that youare making. Some companies would never have employees if they showed allaspects of the job to a person looking for a new career, but if you fail toconduct inquiries and end up with a miserable bunch of people, then whatexcuse can you give? If you want to be a model and did not realise that some ofthe photo shoots are semi-nude; or you want to work in a restaurant and didnot realise that you would have to clear the trash and clean the toilets; or bea nurse and did not realise that you would see dead people; or be a policemanand did not expect to be involved in a protest march or a riot. What would you do if you made thewrong career choice because you failed to check things out?
    The good news is that there is an undo button and you can resign from the job and rethink the rest of your life. Nothing is easy. Anything that is too easy is probably useless. There are some fantastic people out there who have faced all the challenges that were thrown at them on the journey to success. What you need to do is to identify those people and understand how they made it. Do not seek to copy each move, because the dynamics would have changed. If you are thinking of starting a business, try to find something that people need, or an improvement on an existing product or service. This was my starting point in business, a steel band hire service.
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    Please let me know what career you always wanted and what you are doing now.