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Corporate Team Building (Team building ideas and strategies)

What are the benefits of team building? Does corporate team building work? Can this strategy increase sales? Have a look at this short video and see how a company CEO uses team building ideas and strategies to good effect.


  1. Team building & Sales Training (Management incentives, parties, bonuses)
  2. How do you make the case for using team building activities and justify the cost? This excellent article in Forbes sums up the reality of the working environment for millions of employees.
  3. Whether you are an SME or a larger company, it is important to hang on to your best employees. As a company CEO or a business owner, an awareness of what really happens in your workplace is priceless.
  4. If you are looking at introducing a series of team building initiatives, you could start by just hosting a party and getting to know your employees a little better before taking the leap into a full programme of activities.
  5. Team building activities should be fun and engaging, rather than intense and overpowering.
  6. When looking at venue ideas for hosting your hospitality, try to be creative with your selection. The link below includes a corporate hospitality pin board with lots of amazing venues to stimulate creative ideas.
  7. If the ideas work, pleaselet me know and send any gratuity via the website contact details. Share the links with colleagues and you are welcome to follow my work on Twitter/bigsands.